Please do read about the Bengal here and elsewhere and be certain you are committed to this highly interactive beauty before you purchase one of our kittens. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information and availability.

Updated: 08/06/2015

It is so important to have a good relationship with a knowledgeable veterinarian who has the scientific knowledge and appropriate expertise with just the right mix of love for his charges and regard for open communication.  Our Bengals are blessed to have found the caring and capable services of

Dr. Jim Standish at Alpine Animal Hospital, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our patient search brought to us our beautiful Champion quality Bengals from Bundas Exotics.  Grace entrusted to our care two beautiful F2 early generation kittens, our Bundas Taro Kitambi (Kira) and Bundas Taro Kiange  (Kee-on-jay), proud granddaughters of Taro of Bundas, Asian Leopard Cat.  Looking at home in the jungle, they are just as beautiful in personality.

Majinyau Bengals is a small family home cattery located in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.  We focus on producing high-quality representitives of the Bengal breed and have a special spot for the traditional leopard rosetted pattern.  The name Majinyau (Pronounced "magee neoww") is from the beautiful Swahili language.  "Maji" for the water Bengals love and "Nyau" meaning cat and which of course all Bengals can say.  All our beloved cats share our home and are well-behaved members of our family. All Majinyau babies are lovingly socialized from birth to the time they join their new homes.

..... More Show News! ...... Front Page Challenge won 2nd Best Cat at the Manitoba Cat Club Show in July....... Magyar Lucy in the Sky is now an ACFA Grand Champion ...... Come see our cats at the Prairie Feline Fanciers Cat Show October 10 and 11th, 2015 at Assiniboine Downs Racetrack in Winnipeg!.....
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If you are considering a Bengal as your new best friend please take time to research this beautiful athletic breed and be sure you are ready for their highly interactive intelligence and loving nature.  From joining you in the shower or enjoying a swim in the sink, opening cupboards to remind you where their treats are, playing fetch and just plain snuggling, the Bengal's zest for life, and you, means life will never be boring.  We love our Bengals and their babies and wish them lives as beloved pets with good quality care.  This is a responsibility as well as a pleasure.

About Majinyau Bengals